BeyondPass AR 2.2 is available for download now

What’s new ?


AR Portals: We used AR Portals in a social way , Every user has his/her own Portal, they can decorate the portal with notes, 3D models, photos and trophies, Also they can play dart in portals, furthermore their followers can visit their portal regardless of where they are.
Backpack: Every user has his/her personal backpack which contains collectibles.
Sandbox mode: users can play around with items of their backpacks in sandbox mode, the can place the items, Shoot the items with ball or even burn them with Grenades. Users can use this feature in their spacetimes.
Trophies: Based on the users activities in the application such as finishing a chapter in the story, they receives Trophies, the collected trophies will be placed on AR Portal shelves, so users can showoff with their trophies.
Location based Treasures: Users can enjoy collecting location based treasures. Users can gift them to their followings or place them in their Portals.
Compass: Compass shows near AR Whispers, SkyStickers, SkyWritings, AR Temples, Users and treasures.
SkySticker: When you are outside of building you can share your feeling on a certain location by placing skysticker such as Hearts or Phoenixes .
SkyWriting: When You are outdoor you You can express your messages to world by placing 3D text in the area. Other users on that area can see your message.
AR Whispers: You can record your voice and place it outdoor.

Location Based Friend Making: When you are outdoor you can see near users , Gift them or Visit their portals.
AR Temples: if you are inside a building you can add sticky notes and AR whispers to AR Temples, Other near users in that building can see the AR Temple along with Your notes and Stickers.
AR Graffiti: We used ARKit 1.5 technology for Vertical plane detection for creating this features. Users can spray on outdoors walls and the visitors can see this graffitis on walls too.

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