BeyondPass 2.0 Features List

From the introduction of ARKit by Apple in 2017 people , geeky users become interested in searching app store for ARKit app and Games but  there are  few AR apps which could benefit usually users because most of Augmented Reality applications seem to be testing cases that escaped from laboratories.

At ThingoTeam We wanted to provide an ultimate Augmented Reality Experience, We believe that AR is future of Computation and its not just a short fun So we tried  to design an essential app to do most activities in AR. The car service LA also use the AR and BeyondPass has designed to be your foreground app.In order to achieve  this goal we release new update every week to add your required features.But the features have bundled in BeyondPass 2.0 are:

  1. Fully redesigned AR Inteface
  2. Dart Mini Game
  3. Personal Portals
  4. Friends making feature
  5. SandBox Gaming
  6. Arcanum Story
  7. AR Visit feature
  8. AR Portal Customization

BeyondPass 2.0 is Coming

Hello Dear follower

I’m happy to announce that the fully redesigned version of BeyondPass AR 2.0 will be in  App Store next week (learn more).

Explore the AR world with BeyondPass.BeyondPass is you passsport to AR World.It’s time to see the world differently

I hope it will be a major step in history of Augmented Reality.