We released first version of BeyondPass AR in 2017. BeyondPass AR is futuristic ultimate AR experience from social networking to gaming.

BeyondPass AR itss not game nor a social network! Its something more…it lets explore,Socialize and Play in the Augmented Reality World.

*** Explore: BeyondPass is your passport to the AR World.

*** Socialize: Can’t you express you emotions? Install BeyondPass, and drop an AR Skywriting near her location she will read your letter of true feelings.

*** Play: Playing in AR is more fun because your world is large as planet earth and you can experience fantastic moments in real life!


Play around with the items you have in your inventory and do whatever you want with them in the AR World.

Portal: Augmented Virtuality
You have your personal portal which you can customize and decorate, you can play mini games like Dart in your portal and summon it wherever you are. Others can visit your personal portal.

Cassette: AR Audios
Record voice messages in place them in the AR world where others can listen to

Sky Writing
You can write in the sky whatever you want and all other users can see you writing in the sky

Redesign the Skies
You can redesign the appearance of skies with adding elements such as a flying candle or a Phoenix

To provide the best user experience, we divided BeyondPass into several subprojects. Stay in touch for New announcements.

BeyondBoard AR Pro

Beyond Board AR has re-invented the way we use bulletin boards, especially for remote working and collaboration. The app embraces augmented reality technology to elevate your interaction with boards by using rich media and by bypassing the barriers of space and location to deliver your boards to your friends, teammates and colleagues.
Creating and customizing boards is effortless as well as decorating and customizing them with the following pins:
Sticky Voice Badges
Sticky Video Clips
Sticky Sketches drawn by finger or Apple Pencil
Colorful Sticky Notes with Reminder Support
Colorful Labels
Colorful Dividers

AR Graffiti Artist

AR Graffiti Artist is a social network for graffiti artists around the world. Graffiti Artist can paint the walls and other artists can see their arts on real walls.
Augmented Reality Technology help graffiti artists to design on the world walls without being worried about getting caught. Install AR Graffiti Artist App now and Make world you painting Canvas.


A one stop mobile app for experiencing  spatial contents. The content creators in different platforms can register their content to locations and And App display Spatial contents based on content subscription and AI suggestion.